12th May
Location: Delhi

Vikas: So dude, you are done with your practical exams today.
Wass Up, now?

Me: Nothing! From 22nd, we have theory exams. I will start preparing for them.

Vikas: ghar jaa rha hai ?

Me: Nope ! ghar par, I am not able to study. It’s better to stay here in hostel and study.

Vikas: I think you should go, your mother will be happy to be with you, especially tomorrow.

Me: Kyu be !! kal kya hai ?

Vikas: buddy ! tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

Me: Ohh shit..!!


Me: I am coming in 10 minutes. I have an urgent work to do.

11:25 p.m.

I love You, MummyVikas: Kya hua ? Are you fine? Where are you ?

Tu aaya kyu nahi abi tak? Your room is also locked.

Me: Sorry bro, i forget to inform you. I am at Bus Stand leaving for my home.

Kal Mother’s Day hai na ..!! And, of course thanks a lot.

Vikas: saale mumma’s boy..!

Chal koi na. Happy Journey. Byee..tk care..

( For the whole night, I was constantly thinking how my mother will react to my unexpected visit as I was heading without informing her.

 I recollected all the memories I have shared with her. The love and affection she has for me. I was full of gratitude, feelings and emotions.)

Location: Jaipur

6:00 a.m.

I rang the bell and my mother came out. She was pleasantly surprised on seeing me. Before she could speak anything, I bow down on my knee, presented her the flowers and said:

I love You, Mummy. I love you for everything you did to me, for the million things you gave, for all of your sacrifices, for all the pains and tears, you shed because of me, for all the support you gave, for protecting me from dad’s scolding’s, for helping me, for standing with me every time and everywhere.

I am thankful for your unconditional love, care, affection. Thank you for making me a part of you. Thanku for being with me, for keeping your believe in me when i couldn’t. Thank you for protecting me, you lifted me up when i couldn’t reach. Thanku for making me grow in my career. Thanku you mummy, for all the joy you brought to my life, for all the truth you made me see, for all the wrong that you made right, for all the love i found in you.. I’ll be forever thankful.

I never understood your love when I was at home but from the day I started to live in hostel, I miss every essence of you. The way you used to explain things to me..the way you used to touch my head for giving me blessings, the love with which you used to look at my face while i was asleep..the way you used to cover up all my mistakes. I miss the hundreds and thousands of things you used to do for me without even asking for it.

 Not a single day passes by, when I do not think or miss you. Even when I talk to you on cell phone, your voice give me immense strength. Thank you for taking special care of me, every time I visit home.

I want to bring every possible happiness of this world under your feet. And I will try my best for it because you are the air I breathe. You are my angel. For me, you are my world, my God.

I am sorry mom, for every mistake I did, for every pain I gave to you. I am really sorry.

Thank you mom. Thanks a lot..! And

Happy Mother’s Day..!

And when I looked up, I found tears of love flowing from the eyes of my mother….

(   Today on Mother’s day, tell your mother how much you love her, how much she means to you. Make her feel happy, special. Pamper her with gifts. Hug her. Or at least say Thank You to her.

And, stop taking your parents for granted. They are the ones because of whom what we are today. They should be treated with the same love, kindness n affection with which they treated us. )

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