6 days ago, this photo was posted by an anonymous user on Reddit who goes by the name european_douchebag. The click shows a Sikh woman wearing a turban.

Balpreet Kaur

The post immediately gathered a lot of attention, as does anything making fun of others does on social media. The girl’s facial hair and manly built was joked about.

But surprisingly, the photo got a comment from the girl herself – balpreetkaur. Balpreet Kaur is a student of neuro science and psychology who also attends Ohio state. When the pic post went viral, her friends told her about it. Rather than getting upset and angry, she wrote something that moved everyone who had read the post.

She starts with introducing herself and says that if the OP had asked her, she would have gladly posed for the photo. She is neither ashamed nor angry nor amused by the reactions. Instead, she goes on to apologise about creating a confusion (the post said that the person in the pic looks like a woman with facial hair which was confusing).

She tells about her religion and why it forbids her to remove the facial hair. According her, like child does not reject the gift of parents, their religion says that humans do not reject the physical gift of God. Instead of concentrating n altering her physical appearance, she prefers to give time cultivate inner values. She gives states that one day people will forget her appearance, her voice; even her kids might not remember her physical appearance for long. What people will remember and be affected by is her legacy, her work and actions. So she is working towards making the world better one step at a time.

Her humble lines about the smile and happiness being more important than beauty of face have not been spoken with firm arrogance, instead they have simply written in such a way that each and every of the thousand visitors commended her on her thoughts, the user who had originally posted the picture removed the pic and wrote a sincere apology.

Balpreet further says that she was wearing the turban as many sikh women can do so. In their religion the man and woman is considered equal, which can even be reflected in their names.

I am proud of this girl! Hats off!

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