I have noticed this for a long time but never really understood it. There’s a difference between happiness and between humour. Now you might understand the difference but most people don’t do. You see we are happy when we are with our family, friends or somebody closer still but we’re humoured only when someone is in pain.

Look at America’s Funniest Videos (or AFV) for an example. According to me that’s the funniest show on television, not just because the premise is around showing funny videos but because the show is centred around the funny side of pain!

Now you might not agree but try remembering the funniest video you have ever seen – does it involve somebody falling or diving or just doing an activity where the person involved suffers pain? Normally one ignores that part but if you think about it then you realize that all of out funniest videos involve somebody getting hurt!

Is it the sadist side of human nature? When a person falls instead of picking him up we laugh at him? Is such behaviour not reminiscent animals or worse-barbarians? Why do we have to stoop so low in our own psyche to laugh? And does this mean that we-humans- are inherently violent taking perverse pleasure in pain?

I guess so because the more you look at the world the more the world is geared up for this. If you don’t believe me try finding some of the funniest videos on the web.

Someone’s pain is somebody else’s pleasure.

Find this funny? I am sure THEY didn’t!

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