Healthy heart, body and soul are an essential part of exam preparations. Exam time is the most crucial time of the student’s academic year. It not only decides where the student stands in the crowd but also determines the effort he has put in. Students pull up their socks and get ready to fight the battle with their brains. But in the meanwhile, their health suffers. One who manages to create a balance in the physical fitness and mental stress along with studies, can easily score well.

On the contrary, it would not make you a failure if you don’t achieve desired objectives.

A few tips might help you combat the exam stress.

Watch what you eat – Don’t let exam stress hamper your eating pattern

Avoid the intake of heavy meals during exam days, they might make you lethargic. Also a proper balanced diet is a necessity as well because if you are not taking appropriate minerals at regular intervals, the buildup stress and restlessness might make you fall ill.

Plan ahead – fit in entertainment and rest with studies

Planning is an essential part of the exam preparation so plan out your schedule. Make sure, you eat study and have enough amount of relax as well. Have your recreation time set, probably after every 1 hour of study at least take a 15 minutes break. This not only increases your concentration but learning power too without a single negative impact. Watch TV or listen to music, but make sure they fall in your leisure time bracket and do not exceed.

Practice makes a man perfect

Take a pen and paper, reading facts and figures or texts would not help you remember everything. Note down every important definition, facts, or dates. Mark important passages in the books which are important and might help you for day before revisions. Constantly revise such things daily so they stick to your mind.

Test yourself

When you are done with learning a text or a chapter or a unit, take a test of yourself or ask a sibling or a parent to do so. This would give you a fair idea of where you are leading and of your knowledge.

Chuck the disturbing elements

Avoid constant texting or calling your friends just to inquire how much they have done. They might lie to you, and it would thus increase your stress. Ignore them! Set your targets yourself, and not how much others have done. Try to complete deadlines you made on time.


Exercise daily! This will not only make you active but also would help increase your concentration. Go for a 20 minute walk, it will give you some change of environment as well.

Keep calm and focus

Keep calm! It is just a matter of few days or a few months. You are not going to get hanged anyway, or get murdered or get kidnapped. Avoid negative thoughts mounting in your head. They are not suitable for such occasion.

Study well and stress less!

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