We have been continuously taught about doing good deeds, not being bad and stuff alike. We in India are meant to have this training which begins just after birth. I have been struggling to make a judgment on what is right or what is wrong. Don’t hurt anyone; it’s bad if you oppress the weak. Kill that swine who is trying to enter the boundaries of your motherland, don’t spare any bastard, and shoot them in their head.  It looked fine to me till sometime but then it was a bit uncomfortable for me to stick to the idea. If hurting is bad then, hurting anyone should be bad – don’t you feel so. I mean this is a very opportunistic teaching given to us. We have always been asked to follow the path which is good for someone to decree the empire. Let’s not go into the details of history of society. Well, let us focus on good or bad acts.

I feel there is nothing good or bad, right or wrong. It’s the result which will make your action good or bad which has already happened in the past. For e.g. let us look into a hypothetical situation:

Student A has an exam tomorrow and he is confident that he knows everything and has a thorough understanding of the subject. He has scored very well in the mock test as well. So he decides not to study today and just relax and calm down his anxiety of the exam. There is another student B who is not so sure about his preparations and understanding of the subject. Although he has scored well in the mock test; but he decides to study more today, even in the night.

Now both of their parents and friends are only aware about if “A” or “B” is studying or not. They don’t know anything about their preparations and confidence level. Next day they gave their exam and are now waiting for the result.

Now let us analyze who was right or wrong. There are only 2 possibilities for both of them, either Pass or Fail. Suppose “A” passes, think how would her family and friends would feel?

Suppose “A” fails, now how would the same people think about the situation?

Same is the case with B.

They both have their own understanding of the world around them and about themselves. They have done some action, no one knows was it right or wrong, or rather no one can tell what is right or wrong in this case. But when the results come, there are people who knew nothing about their world or their situations and decides for them, what they have done was right or wrong?

This is a real strange situation and I had always been in dilemma to judge if anything is wrong or right. You know, just take a step forward, who knows even the result (may be pass or fail) is right or wrong for them.

Confused! Ok see for example “A” passes with a good score, his confidence increases all the more and he started to enjoy studies even more. He is learning things very well, and knows that his decisions do make some sense. Again in the next exam he performs well and the chain reaction goes on.

On the other hand let us again assume that “A” passes with a good score, but now he is overconfident. He thinks whatever decision he takes is always right and he can remember things very well. He started taking his education lightly and in the next exam he fails.

In another situation “A” fails terribly and now he analyzes what went wrong. He now knows that he needs to revise whatever he has learnt because he cannot remember them for long. He gives his full input in the next exam and revises the subject just before the exam. He passes in the next exam with good marks.

On the other hand “A” fails and now he is disappointed. He is sure that he cannot remember things and he is a hopeless child. His decisions are not worth. He loses his confidence and is now afraid of taking decisions for himself, although he tries to study but fails in the next exam also.

Same are the situations with student B.

So what I want to say is, even in this simple case of 2 students giving exams it is so tough to decide what is right and wrong because the stuff which was good for student A was absolutely wrong for student B. Moreover the point was it is the result which decides that the action done was right or wrong but now we have come to a situation where even the results cannot identify if the action done was right or wrong.

And by the way anyone of you who is reading this article, do not start killing people waiting for the results to know if it was right or wrong to kill people.

This was the question I always had in my mind. Now who decides about good or bad, right or wrong – I don’t know. I was actually a bit tensed when I initially analyzed this situation for me. I felt people around me are useless who tell me to do things this way or that way, or rather do this and not that.

There are a lot of explanations available in the market to explain the situation or rather to cool down your frustrated mind, i.e.  “Karma karo fall ki iccha mat karo”. Does that make sense, at least in this case yes, because I have no answer? And you can find many more, if you have been lucky enough to listen to stories from your grandparents, parents, saints, gurus, friend’s parents (by chance or forcefully, doesn’t matter.)

I am no one to guide you; this article is no guide to tell you, what path to follow. My sincere request to you all beautiful minds is QUESTION. Think rationally. If you want to find an answer, you must know the correct question. Ask your questions, to yourself and you will see this same world in different colors.

Nimish Nagpal

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