First of all, I would like to quote something on the topic itself – “there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so“, this quote was made by William Shakespeare, the great philosopher of literature of all times in his famous play – ‘The Hamlet’.

Well, Shakespeare was no doubt a great philosopher but I don’t agree with this quotation of his because as Edward de Bono once said, “Intelligence is something we are born with and thinking is a skill that must be learned”. So, one is intelligent enough to distinguish between good or bad. And as for thought, if there is no thought then there is no human life.

Conscience is the deciding factor in the decision between good or bad. If any person lacks this then all you do that benefits you no matter what is right. And as long as no one messes with your comfort zone whatever they do no matter what it is, it’s alright.

Someone has said, “Bad is an evil that literally inhabits the world and good is a holy aspect of God that is literally all around the world.” And I totally agree with this statement as your thoughts do not make good or bad; as they are already here. If it was so; then it would open every door to every human misery you can think of. And as Shakespeare’s quote goes, does this really mean that Hitler and Jim Jones were not bad? It was good of them to do what they did because their thinking was that ‘it was good’.

Raphael has rightly said, “When one is painting one does not think” and it is because a person can’t do two things, – thinking as well as action together at the same time, but first think and then act any action – good or bad. A painter also thinks first and then paints.

And as Shakespeare’s quote says that thinking makes actions good or bad, but I would say, “Its actions not thoughts that have consequences. It’s our actions that show the fruit of our thoughts”. And if one thinks before he acts its obvious that if thinking would be good so as the action and if the thinking itself would be bad that is what you will sow as ‘thought precedes actions’.

I’d say ‘thought effect actions and perceptions’. In other words simply we can say watch your thoughts, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your action. Watch your action, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become your character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny. So, change your thinking today and change your life.

It is our perception that makes us to think of right or wrong…

So, here the conclusion is that one must think and then act; and not as the initial quote signifies- performing action and then thinking upon it whether it was good or bad.

So, remember- Think twice before you speak or act !

— Chhavi Tyagi, TIF

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