God is most often conceived of as the supernatural creator and overseer of the universe. In every religion, every culture, there is one whom people pray for their well being. But the question arises is really some supernatural power exist? You might say YES or say NO but the question was there, is there and most probably will be there.

does god existIt’s not today people believing in god, it’s from the time universe started. In each and every new or old civilization found in any part of the world evidences of people believing in god are found. Whether they believe fire as god or stone as their power, they believe Krishna as their prophesier or Christ as their oracle people believed in them and will believe. But with the development in science and technology faith in god decreased. People believe everything in this world is governed by the laws of physics. Dr. Stephen Hawking one of the greatest living scientist, physicist and cosmologist started new controversy from his latest book The Grand Design quoting that, “God” was not needed to create the universe; rather, all that is needed are the “laws of nature.” It might be true but its reverse can be true too.

Indians believe in god or not is shown either by the number of people reaching to their pilgrimage or the profile of the police stations because if one believe in god will think 10 times before doing any crime and crime rate in India is increasing rapidly then the petrol prize. People in metro cities are more heathen than people in small towns. But the fact is that they too beg from god when they are in trouble. Another matter in India is that, a Hindu moving to church on Christmas and not to temple on Janmastmi and when asked about the same he replied I don’t believe in Krishna but believe in Christ. I am not concerned about where he go or I am not against any religion but the question is if he can’t believe in Krishna how one can believe in Jesus. Both of them thought people about life, through ‘BHAGVAD GITA’ and ‘BIBLE’.

In last the question is same Do you believe in God or not??

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