Pointless Goal (sorry): I must have a goal because of–my company, my friends, my family, my acquaintances, my existence. I’ll do anything to achieve. I’m thinking

Accepted Goal: I want to do enough that I have a safe life–marriage, education, retirement, savings, some social life, facilitate marriage of the next generation, insurance

(Near) Precise Goal: I want a great career; want to do the best I do in whatever I do + planned (auto-generated)Accepted Goal‘ (above)

Passionate Goal (read as ‘precise’): I wish to make something great that the world notices better than anyone’s made or delivered. The subsidiaries as outputs of the three goals above would follow (hopefully, timely)

Perfect Goal: I want to make the world want that something great (never-harming), that they didn’t know they deserved; its revolutionary; it brings delight

The last (irrelevant):

Cheeky Goal: I’ll do everything that my neighbour does best

For all or anything to be achieved, simplifying (less complicating) things, adhering to time frames, some correct delegations, and making decisions will help!

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