Winters are here and there is a hush lazy aura all around. Cuddled up in the warm bed, looking outside the window you see the steady rush of traffic, honking cars and beaming lights. There is no stop to work and daily chores whatever the season be, and so life goes on. But even then there is undeniably a festive feeling, the chilly evening warming up to the idea of nice merry times ahead.

The artificial Christmas Tree is here, all ready to be decorated. The shiny balls and starry fairies are all set to be perched upon the green tree. The red socks are eager to be hung up and be filled to the brim with Santa’s gifts. The menu is all planned out for Christmas eve and even the mistletoe is all set up waiting for naughty lovers to get cozy under it’s shadows.

Christmas Spirit

Walking down the street to go out shopping a Santa walks up and says “Ho! Ho! Ho!”  and reaches out to hand you a sweet candy. The shop is also decorated like a beautiful fairy just descended from the heavens. Christmas cards and gifts and toys are all around. It is a hard time picking up just the right gift for your friends and family. But then this is the only time you think hard enough on what each person will like. The Christmas season makes you dedicate a few special moments to think about those people who matter. And when finally the gift is chosen and wrapped there is a fuzzy feeling mixed with eagerness to show them that gift and see them smile, and anxiety that perhaps they will not like the present.

Back at home there is a pile of DVD’s set aside to watch movies with family and have a nice time together and a CD of Christmas Carols to sing along with. Dresses already chosen to wear on the merry night and songs to play and dance to. Friends and relatives invited to come over and share the special evening with.

Just getting into the Christmas mood…. Have you?

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