Near my house there is one school. Like every school, it also has a slogan “We adopt your child for 16 years”. Suddenly, A fact struck me. Every school does that. More or less every school is the same when it comes to child care.

Remembering those drivers who know us only by face, yet they know our absence in bus. The conductor who affectionately helped us to get down when our feet did not reach the ground in one step. The watchmen who allowed us to enter the school occasionally without ID card, just in exchange of (PLZZZ) smile. Peon who accompanied us while going to pee to ensure we do not mislead ourselves. And last but not the least, yes, you are right. I am talking about Teachers.

Name top five successful people in world. Leave it, name five top people belonging to your field of work. Can you? ‘I bet, we can’t. Now, name five teachers who loved you the most. I bet one would get confused which 5 names should be mentioned coz we have lots of ‘names’ in mind which deserve to be mentioned. Enough being senti. Lets come to the point.

I had been with my Mom to help her in ‘election duty’ (she is govt. Employee) and coincidentally, the center was my, own school. As soon as I entered, I could feel the ambiance I used to experience when I was a child. I saw the watchman uncle. He had become old with lots of grey hair. Needless to say wrinkles had occupied his face. He was calm and could not shout at the children playing around leading to undesired commotion. To my surprise he recognized me with a pleasant smile. His smile had a feel of being content. He was proud to be part of my life (an average engineer).

Then a peon came to assist a new guy to get my Mom a chair to seat. He too had grown older but had progressed gradually to become a ‘right hand’ of the principal from being an ordinary peon. We shared some funny memories. He did not know my name till then. He just knew I was a part of this school some years earlier. Just this much of identity urged him to ‘respect’ me. Without any hesitation, he told me with a firm voice “Do not trouble your parents. Whatever you are, it is because of them”. I nodded like a child, in agreement.

I went upstairs to meet my teachers. Some of them had been engaged, some ‘mothers’ by now. Some had retired. But those who were present were happy to see me. They shared some of my funny memories with me as well as teachers around. Everyone asked me those regular questions like What do you do now? n all………. One of them held my hand with all love she had and wished me good luck. The other one patted me on my back reminding me how she used to hit me when I did not complete my home work. It was, believe me, a heavenly feel. After so many years somebody had hit me for not doing my home work (that too, which I wasn’t supposed to do) and I was pleased. Strange!!! May be she had to remind me the same. One of them asked me about my girlfriend (who does not exist J). It made me blush. Then another one reminded me the days when I cried, when my parents left me in school. It was damn embarrassing.

Though all this may appear as a narration of a filmy scene, everyone of us knows this is a universal truth. No matter, how great one becomes, there exists no such power which can enable us to dominate our teachers (rather nobody would want to). The fact that disturbs me, is they are still what they were some years back, but we have changed ourselves a lot. They made us what we are now and they are happy to see us progressing and soaring up high in the world.

We progress coz something drives us, like luring packages, recognition, fame etc. Just imagine what their driver may be. It takes a long to find the answer. But, I think it may be SOUL and CONSCIENCE. There is no management theory followed by them to manage the CLASS. They know it better than any management experts. In fact they manage our lives to some extent. One more strange fact. No matter how good parents we have, they do expect something from us when they grow older (obviously, there is nothing wrong in that). But, do you remember any teacher doing so? I do not know the reason.

All those ‘facts of life’ came to my mind when I was in their staff room.

We are taught to touch the feet of elder people to seek their blessings. There are very few people in my life whose feet I touch beyond formality. I did the same and left the room with numerous feelings crowding my mind. It’s hard to describe what they think about us. But, probably, if one plants a small sapling and watches it to be grown into a huge fruitful tree, one may get somewhat same feeling.

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