Make your weakness your strength”, this line was quoted to me by my bade papa way back….
Look I am a middle class boy, life for me is just about realising my dreams, living and then dying.
But in between me and accomplishment of my dreams, there lies my weakness, emotional attachment.
A middle class man can never  think of going against his family and do whatever he/she wants. Even if that means selecting a career path your family will be more agreeable to than you. There is no way by which I can make my weakness my strength….
I give up….
As a young boy I thought I will work hard and one day will change my fate but in real life…
I remember when I was in class 6th, someone told my dad that Engineering is the only scope of tomorrow so they just decided my son will be an Engineer…
I always loved history but what matters is papa’s dream…. this is what a middle class boy faces… but I promised myself that I will change my fate so I thought once I complete my engineering I will go for M.B.A. but again what’s the probability that after M.B.A. I will be able to pursue my dreams…huh!??!
Life is unfair….
Just getting into an engineering college is not enough; there are a lot of things which are necessary. You should be the son of a millionaire so that you can open a firm or something like that without much risk or opt for a job package of 5-7 lacs and then save every single penny so that when your daughter or son grow and ask for something not cheap, you don’t feel ashamed…..
I would choose the path to save every single penny for them to become a man, who lived for his family but I will assure that my children never face any pressure like that….
that’s life and that’s the thoughts of a middle class boy….

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