Are you making your life impossible? Do you feel like banging your head on a wall? Have you become so emotionally upset with your life that it has zapped your energy and passion for life? If yes, then this article is just for you!

We all have times in our lives when we get frustrated. It is a natural emotion that we need to get through. We feel frustrated when an outcome of what we wanted to happen simply did not happen, or when we meet challenges. Remember, it is how we deal with it that is important.

If you ignore this frustration, then the pain will intensify, which if left unchecked, could eventually lead to depression. So, you must analyse the problem, find the cause and correct it. Remember, it is you who is in charge of all your feelings, so you should control them, and not let them control you!

Basically, you need to focus on what exactly you want to happen. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in one problem and trying to solve it that we forget what we were originally trying to accomplish.

When frustrated, people tend to push even harder for success. However, forcing an issue does not usually get results. I have noticed that, when you feel frustrated, the best solution is: go with the flow. Just let things happen. Sit back and watch. If you can’t change something then what’s the point of thinking about it constantly. Try not to ask yourself, “Why did this happen?” This will not allow you move forward and keep you rooted to the past.

Anxiety is an integral emotion of a frustrated person. Always express anxiety before making a decision – not after. Anxiety is creative only before we choose which road to take. Once we choose, however, we must stop worrying and call upon the confidence of past successes to guide us in the present.

We carry our problems from the workplace, to the home, to our bed. This creates tension that produces frustration. Just sleep on your problem if you are unable to solve it. Keep things simple. I remember, once I came across a nice slogan, “Sleep on your problem, and not with your problem”

And, don’t refuse to relax! We just cut off over our sleep quota if we find increased workload and things not going our way. This worsens the problem. Your efficiency reduces significantly and frustration increases if you don’t get proper sleep. Remember, relaxation overcomes frustration.

Stay light and keep smiling 🙂

Written by:
Shaktiman Singh

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