Like those buildings towering high in the sky,
Like the boy plunging deep in the depth of the sea,
Like these innocent eyes never giving up on hope,
And like those twinkling lights-full of colors and hue.

There is something strange yet warm about this city. The hardwork that sometimes do not pay off, a wave that brings a smile on a street sweeper’s face, a deep and a loving look in the eyes of that stranger and the warmth that flows right through our very own heart. Sometimes the sound and the smiles do fade only to forget all about it the next second.

life in mumbai

And those billboard models on those shouting advertisements look at you and smile, leading to those screaming of the minds of the people around you to shut out. The queen’s necklace and our very own sea-link, they hug me, they hug the city with love and warmth. And the chaotic sounds are swallowed by the silence and we sleep with an assurance that Mumbai will never leave US.

Here’s to joy,
Here’s to fun,
Here’s to Mumbai who puts life into every dream drawn on the canvas true!

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