Since the time we were born, we’ve  been pushed into a rat race which has no finish line. At times, we  stop and contemplate about life, where we have been, where we’re headed. Thinking about the past, the carefree school days, always brings a smile and this is immediately followed by thoughts about the future, which give us a heavy sinking feeling.

We’re on a boat, floating in a river of uncertainty and we’re lost.

I live in a hostel and we have spent hours just talking about this and I’m sure you’ve done it with your friends too. Why do we always have to work towards happiness and not have it at that moment itself? Some people think that happiness can be achieved only when they have accomplished  their goals. But what they fail to realize is that it’s a part and parcel of everyday life. If you get an opportunity to enjoy or be happy, you should not sacrifice it by thinking that I’ll have time for it in the future. But that doesn’t mean you deviate from your aim and indulge in everything else.

Life is unpredictable. Burn these three words into your mind.

The next moment could be your last . It’s better to embrace it rather than learn it the hard way because ultimately you’ll come to the same conclusion.

Live in the moment  and have no regrets!!

By- Aditya Ganjoo
Delhi Technological University 

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