Ever wondered, why a baby is usually more peaceful than his parents? Why is it so difficult to imagine an anxious mother entering a psychologist’s cabin and complaining, “Doctor, my two-year-old son is suffering from acute depression.” Howsoever amusing or preposterous I might sound right now, but this actually is the biggest paradox of our times: one is happiest when one is born.

In the process of growing up, one actually starts withering down. For instance: a crawling baby never grouches about the fact that he cannot walk, but a hale hearty adult would definitely have some perceived problem with his health. What is the use of growing up, getting educated, learning different things and making a mark in life when they actually end up making less happy?

For that matter, why indulge in any kind of activity if we actually end up being less peaceful? Whatever we are doing- studying or not studying, watching television or going to parties, working hard to earn money and laurels, or sitting idle at home, or even writing an article; the ultimate objective is to be happy (directly or indirectly…… isn’t it???)

However in this process, we forget this very objective. Thus, one keeps working harder for promotion even if it does not make one happier or prepare for an IIT exam although one abhors physics. There is definitely something wrong with the way we approach our lives……….

At the end, all I would want to say is that count your fortune in terms of the moments you lived and not just existed like a worm. Being happy is merely a decision, because the outcome of an event depends more on how we respond to it than the event itself. The reason why a toddler is more peaceful than his parents is that he is untouched by the illusion of the psychological time. He knows only the present and no past or future.

Therefore, free yourself from the excess baggage of prejudices and judgements, and LIVE LIFE KING SIZE!!!!!!!!!



Future is a MYSTERY

But today is a GIFT

That’s why it is called the ‘PRESENT’!!!!!!

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