Alchemy – where you could turn everything to gold. I wish I had alchemy to turn everything to chocolate I like and keep eating all day. Is there any difference between ‘liking’ which chocolate I ‘eat’ and ‘eating’ which chocolate I ‘like’? Either way this article is neither about quantum physics behind rearranging nucleus structure to turn everything to gold (alchemy) nor about serotonin / theobromine parts of cocoa (chocolate) nor a book review but rather a self-realization mainly motivated from Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist.

Chocolate is my all-time favorite, along with pastries I can live happily for eternity without needing anything else. When I was a kid often trembled on this thought where I imagine myself to be stuck on an island which has everlasting treasure of chocolates and pastries. Everything would be very simple then – just plain black and white, no worldly worries for anything else in life but chocolates. When I look back then and now, I wonder can’t I do the same now? Keep eating chocolate I like and not worry about anything else?? For that I guess, I need to find a job in life which gets me paid for eating my chocolate, perhaps a Chocolate Taster for Nestle (In line with Wine Tasters) ! Is that even possible??

What Sachin Tendulkar does? Is playing cricket not his chocolate, and he gets heavily paid for it. He eats his chocolate and gets heavily paid for eating his chocolate. Is it not the same with Paulo Coelho, Chetan Bhagat, Viswanathan Anand, Bill Gates and many other people? In the novel ‘Alchemist’ this is so beautifully described where a kid whose chocolate is to go around the world and experience different parts of the world in his own ways gets heavily paid for it (in terms of money, love and experience). Is it not what I want of my life? Is it not what we want of life? To know what is one’s chocolate and eat it all life and make a fortune of eating one’s own chocolate!

Often I feel difficulty in accepting the fact that I only like what I eat, but turn down the fact that I am not eating what I like but merely settling by liking what I get to eat. I might have found my happiness in this small comfort zone scared to get out in pursuit of my real chocolate, the chocolate that I like, the chocolate that I dream, the one which I can live and die for.

Keeping all philosophical thoughts apart, how do I find my damn chocolate? What guarantee do I have, that I make fortune out of eating my chocolate? To worse, the chocolate that I think that it is, is it for real? I am sure you would have similar questions popping out from your encephalon too. Irrespective of whether one makes fortune of eating his/her chocolate, is it not enough to know that no matter what, one will definitely cherish each moment of his/her life eating one’s chocolate. This is good enough reason for me to go by.  More than worrying about future, I would rather continue to go in pursuit of my dreams (my chocolate). I believe each one of us has one’s own distinctive dream, distinctive taste in chocolate, a distinctive greatness installed upon by design. Quoting from Alchemist “When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”, there is nothing that is controlled by fate/destiny it is left to individual to decide if he/she wants to eat his/her chocolate, once done so there is no reason for fortune not to follow – “Success is merely a myth, Excellence is the real truth”. I want and will eat my chocolate, will you??

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