The earth is all that we have with us
but we always have to make a fuss
we do not care about what we have got
only to get more out of it, we have fought

Take a look around and see
what we have done to the earth, yes we
are happy just because near our homes someone planted a tree.

Just thinking about ourselves is all what we have done
never thought about the earth for a moment, not one
never cared about what our actions will lead to
never thought about what in future others will do.

Think about the time when there’s nothing here
no trees, no plants no breathable air
no water anywhere. will it be fair?

We are selfishly using everything now
fully aware that it will lead to destruction anyhow
How we care about it, its enough for us now
How selfish we are! Just thinking about it makes me go WOW!!

Get over yourself and think about your children
where will the live? In an underground den?
when the surface is toxic, what about then?

For water and food there will be wars
the surface of earth will be no better than Mars
everyday will be a fight for survival
the world will go back to ancient, tribal

So people just think about it for once
it won’t take years or months
just a moment of understanding
the question always has been in front of you hanging
just do your part with what you can do
its not about why?, what? or who?
its our earth and it was given to us
and similarly to our children pass on we must.

~ Akshay Sagar

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