They say one should know one’s limits and aspiring to achieve beyond is futile. But then they also say

If there is a will, There is a WAY!

What, then, if you go beyond your so-called limits? Okay, hold it, I know the difference between being wishful and nurturing a fire to excel. Rest assured, I’m religiously interested in the latter.

Dream OnWhat does it take to dream? To dream in colors when life is all monochrome?

Plunge headlong into fathomless depths of colorful dreaming when you start viewing the world rather than staring at it.

Play it safe. You’ve already made it this far. The roads of life will meander but the steering is all up to you. Take the turns as they come ,  pay caution to all the billboards you see, which are even better look out for them , use only your half of the road , never daring to that bright yellow line and you will have a guided tour of success.

But there is yet another way – the wild, crazy, adventurous and rather lonely way with only your colorful dreams to guide you. Let the accelerator feel the weight of your fiery spirit swinging off the road. But remember it’s tough out there, no billboards to guide you, turning becomes sharper by the number and you may not come across civilian civilization for hours. But your colorful dreams will guide you provided you’ve undeterred faith in them.

The more colorful your dreams , tougher the terrain under your feet , unbearable is the pain in those pivoting joints.

The triumph of achievement will be worth all the pain. But then make sure your windscreen is crystal clear so that you can see your dreams in their true colors and hue.

Dream dreams that turn you on! Why not give it a try……………… huh? !!!!!!!

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