Now, I was called upon by my uncle one day. His system’s windows had crashed and he wanted me to reinstall it. As I was about to start it, my ten year old cousin came and sat beside us. And my uncle told me to teach him how to install the windows as well. I started to go through the process and tell both of them how it is done. Interestingly enough I noticed that my cousin who works on a system for a meagre amount of time as compared to my uncle was showing more interest in it and thus, getting it more.

When I came back home I opened up the internet and found out that according to a scientific study a person’s learning abilities decrease as he grows up but that is not the main reason why people learn more in some initial years of their life than they do in the rest of their life. The main reason was that we lose the hunger to learn and grow as an individual as we grow up. So, that set me thinking does it really happen and if yes then what are the reasons. Ennui at work or too much pressure or lack of motivation or something else?

Whatever may be the reason but there is some truth in the study. It was not of course conducted by a charlatan. Most of us do tend to LOOSE OURSELVES as we go along in life. May be the competitive world takes its toll on us and we stop enjoying our work like we used to do when we were younger. Each job becomes an ordeal, a purgatory and our countenance when on work is no more refreshing. The focus is on success not improving ourselves. We become too much attached to success and thus divorced from the reality that we can’t be successful every time we step into the outside world.

And there is more. Many a times as we grow up we don’t attend to those things that were done for us when we were a rookie in this world. For example, when we were pretty young the elders used to read us some affable fables so we can improves morally and socially. But how many of us now read self-improvement books. To be honest I have not read one as well.

Where has that goodwill gone? Why is a friend not just looked at as a friend but also a competitor? Why don’t we go out in the rain more often?

May be the reason is that we are afraid. As we grow up we are told don’t do this. It may be harmful. This is risky. But are not all escapades termed dangerous but when people pull them through we applaud them. And then there is also the fear that we will never be exculpated if we try something thought of childish by others. But sometimes if you take a view which many see as sophomoric can’t be considered sacrilege. It can’t desecrate your integrity.

In life sometimes it is better if we keep things simple. If we just see the sparrow’s eye and shoot at it and don’t take the air resistance and effect of the sparrow’s surroundings on it.  Sometimes you got to give that young part of yours a go. Believe me many people have achieved éclat by this method. See it hit it…this my dear friend is sometimes the best mantra.

So, take it easy my dear friend. For a moment let go of all those fears, all those worries, let your friend be just your friend again, create your own simple world, find that desire to grow once again, find that care free attitude again, try and see this world from the eyes of a young fellow, go and have a bath in the next time when it rains, shout like hell if you want think it makes you feel better, do physical exercises on a Michael Jackson number and term it as dance if that makes you fell happier, just don’t over complicate things. In other words do it the kid’s way.

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