She was gripped with anxiety and negative thoughts, all through the day. Everything was irritating her and she was losing her temper more than often. All she was doing was ‘fume’ and ‘fret’. Her personal life was completely messed up and she was left thoroughly perplexed.

What to do and what not to do?

Why is it happening this way?

Why only “ME”??

And the questions continue…. until you know how to deal with it. Let us all just ask this question to ourselves:

How many times have we tried to solve the issue rather than sit and talk about it?

How many times have we kept our eyes open and have kept searching even in those dark times?

Surprisingly, people are so busy nowadays cursing each other on every other thing, have become a part of their lifestyle; and cribbing about their difficulties have become a Calm Downpart of their very own individuality. According to a psychology professor from Ohio State University, every time you feel like throttling somebody or feel very disturbed – you just need to sit down, get a pen and a paper and start writing down all that you feel. After you are done letting it all out, just crumple the paper and throw it away in the trash can.

The purpose of writing this article is a very direct and a simple one. How can I be so certain that this practice will definitely be helpful? I am certain, because the practice of it will involve YOU and thus, it indirectly becomes your very own personal direct action manual.

Having said so, we just tend to not realize how accelerated the rate of our lives have become or even the speed at which we are driving ourselves. I’m certainly not ignoring or even in the least trying to minimize the hardships that you face but all I want you to do is not allow them to dominate.

Life can get muddled…

But muddied water let stand, will become clear.

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