On a weary night when I was exhausted to utmost and was planning to slide into my blanket and was preparing myself for some non uncanny dreams, I had an urge to eat chocolate and also of course sip through the hot coffee in the dark starry night on the couch..! ( Ohh.. I just realized I have written a three line sentence! But you can try and flow with my unusual yet so realistic dream of one of the nights) * innocent smile*

So, when I was already full in stomach both with the food & the gluttony of irrepressible thoughts I decided to switch on my laptop once again. As usual, I was driven to Facebook & google to search for the best of the chocolates available and how to make different aromas, flavors of coffees at home. Because it was 2 in night, I was li’l scared to peep in the kitchen and make myself a coffee. However, my book shelf had chocolates. Oh I must admit I have fetish to collect chocolates and not to eat them. But my id was so over powering I decided to get my hands on the dark chocolates I have kept for long. Coffee was still wandering in my thoughts and I already was drooling & breathing in the strong aromatic feeling in my room. Damn..! Now I wanted a guy around me with whom I could share my coffee with. Trust me, I drew crazy as I had none of the ways to get a coffee for myself or a guy.. I was sad! I looked at my phone to check the time and it was already 3. For the first time, I was shown idle on facebook as I was not accessing it. My desires were soon churning into a fantasy; canvassing itself with layers of uncountable emotions. My dreariness was soon sparkled with my imagination. I decided to switch off my Laptop because it was risky to sit with a screen in front of you at 3; especially when you have no exams (as a reason) to justify it to parents. I decided, to turn off the lights and let my unspoken words weave in the mind and create a scenery and a poem and an unusual reel-ity !

Chocolates were right there in front of me and I was in dilemma to eat one or not as the threatening Dentists were circling me in and out. [email protected]!< them, I said and grabbed semi-solid dark liquor chocolate and allowed them to enable the sensual taste buds of my already sulking tongue. It was lucky for I made sure it stayed right there in my mouth for another minute and effortlessly it unified with my soul. *smile* Lights were already off in my room and the dark-ness was already appealing to me when I grabbed through my instinctual sense another chocolate which was li’l far from me and opened it to reside within me, this time with more ease and already a bit gratified selfish being.

Damn! I thought five minutes back to drown in the dreams and fantasy of a perfect relation and a portrayal of a You and Me when chocolate just left me with a mudfull mouth and a big glittering eyes and a smile which had already kissed the stars of night. I was in hunger for more of them but decided to stay with the ‘feel’ instead of ‘filling’ the endless inevitable desire and sinful act of gluttonizing.

Liquor that touched my skin had already left me feeling warm inside and sOOn the dusk was dawn when I subtly in the realm of my “food full’, “fruit full” thoughts left the world of reality to a voyage of another sort of veracity.

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