Where is he?”, I kept thinking to myself all the while, sporadically considering the possibility of departing. But every time this thought came to my mind, I would firmly shake my head and assure myself of his return. I love him so much, how could he suddenly disappear leaving me in the middle of road that too in a tacky night suit with horrible bunnies painted all over my pajamas? “Why on earth did I choose to wear these pajamas today?” Why is that aunty giving me horrible looks? Doesn’t she have a daughter who also wears pajamas with bunnies? Huh! I don’t care……..well secretly I do. Her staring makes me all the more conscious, why is this happening to me? Why only me?

Replaying all this in my mind, I felt I caught a glimpse of him behind the bushes. Yes, it’s him; it has to be him, well built, masculine with the usual air of arrogance. As I approached him he was alerted by my presence, which was very much evident from movement of his ears but he did not run this time, instead started wagging his tail. What is he doing here? The answer was right in front of me; there was a frightened kitten on the wall beside the bush and he was victoriously staring at him and me with occasional barking.”Son of a Bitch, you left me all alone for this cat, now I hate you even more, you hear that?” (I don’t intend to abuse him; his mother was actually a bitch).

we miss youYes, that’s my dog Marshal, with his carefree unkept drop dead gorgeous looks, the subject of envy for our neighbors, cause of terror among the locality kids and the reason for my embarrassment this morning.

This was one of our many adventures and all I am left with is to memorize them over and over again. We recently lost him, he was sick.

But hey baby, you are remembered.

I memorize our first encounter, when papa carried you towards me in his palms; you were a tiny little being, resembling a mouse and unable to open your eyes. I had an English exam the next morning but I kept thinking about you all through the night. Never did I imagine that cute thing would grow up to be an integral part of my life.

Now after you are gone, every morning I wake up and search for your strap to go out for a walk with you………We remember you.

Every time obliviously , mamma makes extra chapattis for you……We remember you.

Every time papa see a fallen flowerpot and he blames it to you………..We remember you.

Every time watering the lawn Sherry thinks of bathing you too………We remember you.

Every time we see a cat sitting on our wall and think if she’s gonna win this time or you…………We remember you.

Every time a visitor comes by and asks over the gate for you………..We remember you.

Every night when a dog howls and one of us shouts your name to keep quite………We miss you.

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