Lets take a stroll through the woods,

where ivy is dancing like a nymph,

cypress is changing to green,

the ravine is feeling serene.

Flora around is so mesmerizing,

like zephyr having nature’s spirit,

the path leads through grassy wafers,

herons feasting on fishes at rills.


The broken path led me to

the boulevards of jungle and mud,

i saw the peaks of mountains and

fauna concealed in the swamps.

Holding a veil of sultry beauty,

nature made me felt DEJA VU ,

most welcomed in this strangest place,

as if we were chums, once and now…again.


There is a rhythm in the walk of 

self-willed untamed river, coy creeper,

in the bohemian arrangement of nature,

the domain is harmonized with,

different tones, anonymous notes in  

the laments of weeping willows,

in bonhomie lyrics of cacophony raven,

surely in the raptures over this HAVEN.





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