We always hear stories about how a friend helps to get you through your bad times. How your BFF is your life, and how your love can leave you but your bff always sticks to you.

Today, I’ll tell you the real story of a BFF. It’s not always the same that your Best Buddy always proves to be the best!

Best Friends ForeverI started taking coaching classes for entrance exams right after my board exams were over. There I met a simple girl, whom I knew in my school as one of my classmate’s girlfriend. We never talked, but as now we were in the same class, we started having a very formal conversation about her bf (and my somewhat friend!). Slowly and gradually, we became real good friends. We started bunking together, roaming here and there on scooty, gossiping around and doing full on vellapanti. I kept aside my school friends and slowly we learned that we became -The BFFs.

A day came when her Boyfriend left her. He had his own genuine reasons. She was lonely, broken. This bonded us more as I myself was going through a very bad time and I could relate my situation with hers. We both understood each other and we both became a strength for the other. We and our bestfriend Shivam were now having a different world.  We tried every bit to make the other feel like nothing was wrong in our life, like nothing was missing. We three teased each other, laughed together, cried together and cared madly for one other. We three were the BFFs and life seemed complete.

There were times when I, for no reason, shouted on her bf, talked rudely with him just because she was suffering because of him. I never liked the guy, not because I had some personal problems with him, but because he was the reason my bff was hurt, because he made her cry.

But as they say, “sunlight comes after darkness“, he too returned to her. She was so happy and I guess I was happierbecause she was all that mattered to me.

But that was the moment I lost my best friend. I was waiting for her, but I guess the wait never end. She was gone in some other world where I only existed as some normal “hi-bye” person. She wasn’t the same for me. She stopped asking about me and the only topic left to talk between us was either “Yaar, I Love him soo much……” “tu bata me kya karu?” “use ye kahu kya….” or “nahi yaar tu galat samjh rahi hai, i still care for you…..” “Tu mere liye usse zyada important hain…” “Me use chhod sakti hu, tujhe nahi.…” All the promises, all the words just evaporated with time. A friend is one, who would come to you and ask you what happened, “why are you not talking to me“, but when she came to me with one of our common friend (I thought she would say a sorry or would discuss about my fight with her), but they came for just 5 minutes, our common friend gave me an invitation card. I was expecting she would say something, but all I heard her say was “Chal yaar! baad me milte hain. Both our Boyfriends are waiting outside for us“.

That day I realized my bff was lost. She is not the one I thought I can rely upon.

Slowly and slowly she was disappearing from my life, like she never existed. She forgot my birthday and after some time, she forgot me. Whenever we met after that, I felt like I was walking alone. The girl besides me was not with me but with him, just texting him all the time and sometimes skipping whatever I was speaking. The only answer she had was “You misunderstanding it yaar…… you are important“.

When people don’t even care to ask what their mistake is, than we are left with nothing to say to them. I did the same thing. The girl I laughed with, made her laugh when she was upset, who made me smile when I was blue, the one with whom I cried was now a bitter past to forget, to move on.

I am not jumping to a random conclusion but after a time span of 14 months, I can say that “People in the world, are with you, till they need you. Once you are no longer required for their entertainment, all the relations you hold with them just melts away.”

Yes, I miss three of us together, hanging out. But sometimes you just have to put down your thoughts and move ahead without looking back again.

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