What an absolutely amazing movie!

A movie which inspires you to look beyond the mundane worries of earning your bread and getting settled in life. A movie that urges you to look beyond your handicaps but understand your strengths. A movie which does not force you to laugh at slapstick comedy.

What Barfi, Shruti and Jhilmil taught me goes beyond my rote education and moral upbringing. And I can go even farther to say it helped me look at the rainbow beyond the rain and storm.

Happiness and satisfaction beyond love, lust, money, greed and the rat race. A happiness that comes to you when you run after what you desire, and not what you have been told to.

Technicalities apart, the movie indeed had a fabulous narration and was refreshingly witty. You can see the story being woven in multiple flashbacks and in the second half when the story comes a full circle, you clap your hands and say “Yes!”. Instead of dramatizing about how a deaf and dumb child had a tragic childhood or how society rejected him etc etc, you are shown everything in a musical drama manner. Like someone once said “Pareshaniyaan sabke saath hoti hai, dekhne ka nazariyaa alag hai bas” (Everyone has problems, it is the perspective that matters).

Different directors and producers blabber about delivering messages about society, modern life, gyaan etc. But they miss the one important point that audience does not want to be given doses of knowledge with their stories on rape and violence. Instead, what lacks most now in our generation is the acknowledgement of the small things in life. We run after glory, fame, fortune, and acceptance. And in the race to get acknowledged by others, we forget about the small handful of those who matter, including ourselves.

When was the last time you looked yourself in the mirror and said “I am fucking awesome!”?

Though a cliché line, Barfi ne soch samajhkar pyaar nahin kiya, usne pehle pyaar kiya fir …”, it can apply to numerous things in our life. When we are preparing for admission to colleges, we take up engineering or medical because we have been told to; when we are getting married, we chose the guy / girl society would like to see me with; when we are seeking a job, we want society to applaud us. When was the last time we did something we liked?

Barfi! was not all about following your heart and dreams, coz things do not always happen the way you want them to. Instead it showed how you can face those adversities and smile in the face of the biggest troubles. Life is a package of tears and laughter. It is upto us how long we wish to brood upon our worries and how much we want to spread happiness.

Barfi! you made one soul happy. Me. And am glad finally I found one movie I would like to watch again when I need inspiration.

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