Someone once said rightly that nothing comes for free in this world. In order to gain something, you got to lose something and whenever you lose something, you gain something. Of late I have been realising this fact. The notion of gaining for losing and losing for gaining has comes to my mind as I start recollecting my life as a whole and the changes in it over the past few years.

Let me begin with my school days. I totally loved junk food and I do love it even now. With excess consumption of food, especially unhealthy food anywhere and everywhere I go, my weight and health was becoming a serious concern for me. Also, lack of regular exercise exacerbated the situation. Something had to be done. Sometimes I even used to have hallucinations of death due fat deposit in arteries preventing blood flow. This could have sounded a bit too much for you. I can’t help it. Football came to my rescue. A sudden and great interest in the game by the end of the 8th standard did a great deal of healing. With love for the sport and passion to play, I used to play football for hours every day. For this reason, I even used to go to school at 8 o’clock in the morning, one hour before the actual start of the school. I used to play football in the morning, in the 15 minutes interval, in the 45 minutes lunch break, in the P.T. period, after school before the car came to take us back home and practically during any free time that we used to get. A nascent fascination was turning into an obsession. It did a lot of good to me. With so much playing every day, there was no need of any other exercise for me. In the same way cricket was my favourite pastime during holidays. Thus, football during school and cricket in holidays were two good things that have happened to me then. Although they did a great deal of good to me by building my health, they took away my colour. Hours of play in hot sun and exposure to all those radiations took away my fair complexion and gave me a tanned look. One can have a look at my school photos for proof. The progressive loss of colour during the ninth and the tenth standards, I consider as the biggest loss of my life till date. I asked my mom (a dermatologist) several times the reason for this as I used to find many friends who were equally involved with me in all the playing and sun bathing but a very few had a significant change. She used to tell that skin of different people react differently to various kinds of exposure. A similar amount and the same type of exposure need not produce the same change in everyone’s complexion just like regular and over consumption of junk food does not make everyone fat. The cutaneous system just like the digestive system differs from person to person in the manner they function. The tenth standard board examinations got over. Time had come for real seriousness in life. Target was to clear the prestigious IITJEE examination. I joined FIITJEE. Although the curriculum and the class hours of FIITJEE were never hectic, I had to put in lots and lots of hours of time into self study. This was the motto of my institute. They never believed in burdening any student. They did their job and expected us to do ours. My preparation was regular. In fact it was so regular, that I didn’t get time for anything else, especially my dear old friend, exercise. In the process of studying and more studying, I completely neglected health. Eat, study, sleep and occasional entertainment were the few things I was left with. I was putting up weight much to the worry of my parents and of course me (me or myself). I could no understand what to do. With such additional tensions in my small head, somehow I could successfully clear JEE in my first attempt itself. Hurray! But the two years of only study, nothing else schedule had done an irreparable damage to me by making me slow and sluggish. Once upon a time, I was so energetic and fast. My uncle once even referred to me as a hyper active battery. And see me now.

Well friends these were some situations of simultaneous gaining and losing that I could find out in my life. Weight worry cured by football as an exercise indirectly taking away my colour. Later, desire for success achieved through systematic study indirectly adding weight. Earlier I used to think that these problems are like an infinite loop, as in programming which goes on and on without any solution. I was actually wrong.

Now this is where I would like to talk about my idea of the balancing act. Actually there are two balancing acts I would like to discuss here. God, according to me has already done and is being doing the first balancing act by taking away something whenever he is giving you something and vice versa. The second is something I, or for that matter even you, if you feel so, need to do by bringing about a balance in whatever one does. Studies, sports, social life, entertainment, partying etc, all can be done together. One need not give up something completely to be a master at something else. Although a little sacrifice will do no harm, and one should in fact maintain a self laid restriction on whatever he indulges in keeping in mind his final goal and must work in a way to achieve it without a complete compromise on other aspects, with health and entertainment being some of these other aspects.

M.Ravi Teja

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