I am not at all a religious fellow.
I don’t believe in running behind an unknown, divine entity whom I have never seen or felt even in my most pathetic or happiest moments.

In school when it was a time to get moulded into a personality, I realized that I had much more faith in my soul, than in the so-called “God”. The self-expoloration has led me to brighter dimensions of humanity to become a better human being.

Many of my friends believe in God, bow in front of temple, pray and touch the feet of the idols in the most formal way but they are still in darkness, feel guilty. On the other hand, I never pray to any God but I am much more satisfied and happy than any of my friends because I am very loyal to my soul. Hence, I don’t need any divine hand or a fictional god.

I believe, you and I are Gods; no one else is present to count your ‘Karma’ and promote you to any splended heaven or so.

The most important question an atheist has to answer is what if he won’t be loved by anyone? How will it matter to him?
It does not matter, If an antheist loves you. It’s his Karma. After understanding this, everything becomes simple. If an atheist goes and does many nice things to you, he does them for his soul.

I study Economics, write lyrics, play guitar, compose songs. These all are for my soul’s development and for no one else. Neither for my ‘beloved angel’ nor for any accountant like ‘God’.

In the end, I would say silence doesn’t mean ‘dumbness’.

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