Strangely, i don’t miss my childhood. Perhaps because it wasn’t perfect but then whose is. But only yesterday i saw a poll on fb : What do you miss most? and so many people answered childhood. And there’s a ghazal by Jagjit singh that goes like this;

“ye daulat bhii le lo, ye shoharat bhii le lo
bhale chhiin lo mujhase merii javaanii
magar mujhako lautaa do bachapan kaa saavan
vo kaagaz kii kashtii, vo baarish kaa paanii “

I wonder what the singer misses so much in his childhood years. Maybe he is too stressed in the present situation and he misses the freedom of childhood. Or perhaps he has been close to nature in his childhood and now he is surrounded by depressing noise of the city.
Talking about responsibilities, i think they are a burden as long as we think them to be. When you take up the wrong job, establish wrong relationships then you are bound to be stressed. Life is an art and a very intricate one. It takes a lot to handle it carefully and enjoy it. And this ability to enjoy life comes when you grow up and learn what this world is all about.

Childhood is beautiful in the sense that children enjoy little things and they don’t have worries. But exactly these qualities one can develop in adulthood and in a more proper way. Then adulthood may, as well, be called beautiful.

But as a child we compete for toys and are never contented or peaceful. We cant appreciate so many things of life as a child because we don’t understand them at first place, but all the qualities of childhood- simplicity, innocence can be developed as we grow or I should say preserved because these are inherent in our nature but are gradually destroyed by the society.

I think one cannot miss any phase of life provided he has lived each one fully. If you fully live your childhood you would want to move on, same for youth. If you were to live all your life with your friends and living college life, you would be bored to death, you would be desperate to marry and have a family or whatever you want to do next in life.
The problem is child is in so much hurry to grow up that he doesn’t enjoy childhood to fullest. He wants to do things that adults do and same thing repeats all his life. And then he says he want to be a child again. :p

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