Stuffed, puffed and huffed – the irate birds are, quite literally, the new gaming ‘rage’! Knocking over cages that imprison their fellow fly-mates, these fuming feathered beings have taken the gaming world by a storm. People are hooked, the birds are ticked and other games are …well!

Shooting a few of these off the catapult myself, I wondered why this simple concept worked and clicked instantly. Why in fact, do most games feature violence ranging from the comically relieving to the furiously incessant, not just as a means of entertainment, but often as a let out of pent up emotion? What part of the psyche does ‘bashing up’ form? Are we all Angry birds?

Angry BirdsAnthropologists observe violence as a common thread across societies. Every being imbibes it, every community preserves it, every culture accommodates it, and every religion proves its omnipresence. And of course, all deny it! But violence is as much a part of human existence as eyes, lungs and arteries. Inseparable, incurable, undeniable. We resort to vehemence at every stage of conflict and its resolution.  It is so rich a color on society’s fabric that it is as much a defense as it is an attack. It’s a never ending chain reaction in society’s concoction, one leading to another, with a lot of wasted harmful residue, ruining human chemistry! As Munna bhai puts, yeh saara chemical locha hai bheje mein! It’s an affliction of the disturbed mind and soul, for violence always strikes the conscience. One always knows, in the heart, that it wrong and wretched. But wrong things happen to perfectly right people, in ways that can never right the wrongs done. We are all angry birds, and we want to break those cages bad!

The key is not to judge and shame, but to jam and shoot! What is needed is a replacement. Replacement of vengeance with venting. Of anger with agony aunts. Disorder with distractions. Turbulence with temperance.  Wrath with world peace (eww)!

Projected forms of force are the way to a sustainable, steady fast mankind. Chuck the environment, people might just kill each other first. You want to survive, you must flail and jive! So bring out the virtual shooting, the kick boxing, the bitching, the dancing, running, screaming – it might just save a lot of injury and medical expense!  Let the angry birds fly, and feel your grudges fall and crash with the wood stone structures, both of which, you realize, are equally useless to life and games.

Violence is self destructive; every time you hurt another, you destroy a part of you. And every time someone realizes that, somewhere an angry bird frowns a little less!

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