Hi! wassup? I hope all of you are happy with your aims and ambitions but alas this soul is devoid of any aim. Well I think even a dormouse has better plans and aims and I am just a nerd who is quite aimless. I don’t even know what I am writing about (see the title if you think otherwise).

Life is so maddening yet awesome. I’m not complaining… ok, perhaps I am. I wanted to do something for which I argued with almost everybody and just when my train halted at my destination I got blarmy. It is now a habit of mine to think about the millions of billions of seconds i have wasted on getting my dream accomplished but no, fate has something different. It has whispered in my ears so many times that now i have gone deaf.Now all I care about is to spend my day by watching TV and playing games on PC. I don’t even care about what happens in the world.

Well this is my first article and hope nobody’ll try to get into pc and hit me.

Okay now I gotta go as my favorite show is on and I’m not gonna miss it for sure.

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