Yesterday I happened to look at a video forwarded to me on WhatsApp. It showed a Sikh servicing in a Gurudwara putting people’s shoes in the assigned place. What I saw 2 minutes after, was that the same Sikh wore dress shoes from Hugo Boss and sat in a white colored Mercedes and hummed away.

Buddies, this is the beauty of life, no matter how big and rich or powerful you become, we are all equal in the eyes of God. He has sent us all down for certain purposes that we need to fulfill.

Many times in a never ending lust for money, we totally forget that this our duty to give back to nature. I really am not against the party culture, I am myself a fiery fan visiting a help place during weekends. Can’t we all take out one weekend out of the month to help the needy.? I am sure we can.

I have curated some really good ideas for you and I assume every one of you has really good hearts and will at least follow one or two of them.

You can either consider doing some volunteering as a teacher for the kids of poverty stricken families in your neighborhood.

People who love environment can plant a tree every weekend and make a difference slowly and steadily. Did you know that planting even one tree on your end can make slight differences in the adverse effects of your climate?

Guys who are animal lovers like me can feed their neighborhood stray dogs and cats. They can also donate food, leash, quilts, air conditioners or can also offer monetary help to the animal care organizations and NGO’s in their localities.

Head up towards a church or any religious place and help out in the daily chores of the place instead of lazing around the weekends. I know people need time to rejuvenate during those couple of days but it is pretty much advisable to follow this regime at least once in a month.

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Doa sesudah Komuni. disusun oleh St. Thomas Aquinas. . Aku berterima kasih kepada-Mu, Bapa yang kekal, karena oleh belas kasihan-Mu yang murni Engkau telah berkenan memberi makan jiwaku dengan Tubuh dan Darah Putera Tunggal-Mu, Tuhan kami Yesus Kristus. . Kumohon kepada-Mu agar Komuni kudus ini tidak menjadi kutukan bagiku, tetapi menjadi penghapusan yang berdayaguna untuk semua dosaku. . Semoga Komuni ini menguatkan imanku, membangkitkan di dalamku semua yang baik, membebaskan aku dari kebiasaan- kebiasaan buruk, menghapuskan semua kecondongan terhadap dosa, menyempurnakan aku di dalam kasih, kesabaran, kerendahan hati, baik yang kelihatan dan tak kelihatan, menjadikankanku bersahaja dalam segala hal, mempersatukanku dengan-Mu dengan erat, Sang Kebaikan sejati, dan tempatkanlah aku dalam kebahagiaan yang tak dapat berubah. . Kini aku memohon dengan sungguh agar suatu hari nanti Engkau akan menerima aku, meskipun aku orang berdosa dan tidak layak, untuk menjadi seorang tamu pada Perjamuan Ilahi di mana Engkau, dengan Putera-Mu dan Roh Kudus, adalah Terang Ilahi, kesempurnaan kekal, sukacita yang tak berkesudahan dan kebahagiaan sempurna dari semua orang Kudus, melalui Kristus Tuhan kami. . Amin. . . Mari share doa yang indah ini ke teman2 kalian. . . . . Photo: @teofilusraynaldo. . . . #catholic #church #christian #christianity #catholicchurch #catolico #Jesus #Christ #bible #gospel #igreja #gereja #gerejakatolik #katolik #katholik #katolikindonesia #Tuhan #Yesus #Kristus #injil #alkitab #pray #doa #happy #omkindonesia #beautiful #amazing #love #indonesia #instakatolik

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Arrange a food party preferably from McDonald or Pizza hut for the little kids who cannot afford such benefits. The perks of doing such thing would be the impeccable smiles you won’t ever forget in life.

Go to a senior citizen center and talk to those people. You are recommended to take with you some goodies or a pretty bouquet for instance. They will be totally walking on air simply by your presence over there.

You can also donate old books of your school to the kids who cannot afford them. Besides these, you can also buy them some comic books. They will probably love you for the Batman and Superman story reading session.

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Endgame. A brilliant volume.

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The most important thing is to awaken your souls and inspire yourself to take at least some amount of your precious time to people who are underprivileged. And never ever forget to help the animals they are the most down and out as they do not have mouths to express their feelings.

You have two hands, one to help yourself and the other to help others.


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