Are the leaves really green? Is your favourite song really music? Does the perfume you wear really smell so good? Why does your favourite dish taste so good? Does the cold you experience in the winter mornings really exist? You already know the answers to all these questions, don’t you? Well, do not be so sure. Five minutes is all that is required for you to venture into an unexplored, unvisited avenue.

Let us analyse one of the greatest paradoxes of physics: The Dual Nature of Light. Going back 200 years in time, it was proved that light had a wave nature and also the characteristics of a particle. One may wonder how something can be a wave and a particle simultaneously. Not only are they different things, but they are complete opposites of each other. It is like saying that light and darkness exist together, a complete impossibility. But on further research this finding was proved to be fact. Light not only behave as a particle or a wave depending on the experiment chosen. It is only later that Prince De Broglie showed that not only light but all matter exhibits dual nature. Opposites were now proved to be inseparable complements.

This leads to the conclude something very interesting. Light is neither a particle nor a wave. This means it has no property. But if something has no property it means that it does not exist. By which logic, nothing exists.

This world is not made of separate things but is the end product of the interaction between seemingly separate things. Being a particle or wave is not the property of light. Being a wave or particle is not a property of light. It is property of our interaction with it. If we do not interact with light, light does not exist. Many subatomic particles (though they are not particles) like bosons, leptons and quarks can be traced only by the trails they leave behind in particle accelerators. However, they came into existence only when we pay attention to the experiment. Every time we turn our backs on them they vanish into thin air. How can our mere attention bring things into existence? They do not exist if we do not exist.

Now, let us make an attempt to answer the questions I left you with in the first paragraph, are the leaves green? Think over it. How does any colour originate? When light falls on the leaves, they absorb some light and reflect the remainder. To us, it seems that the leaves have absorbed the complement of green colour in the spectrum and reflected the colour green. Now suppose, the spectrum extends to the infrared region for some species, the leaves are no longer green. They could be yellow, pink, some other colour or even colourless, which the human eye is unfamiliar with. This means that it is not the leaves which are green, but the interaction of the human eye and the leaves that are green. Colour is an illusion and so is everything that our eyes show us. Shape, size, depth, distance-everything is an illusion.

In the same vein, I can say that your favourite song is just a wave sequence that appears to be music when your ear interacts with it. Your perfume’s smell is the smell of the interaction of the perfume and your nose. Similarly your favourite dish is not at all tasty to cockroach or maybe even to any other being. What is cold for you is very hot for a polar bear.

Look at the space around you. How many dimensions can you experience? Four, if you include time. However, the String Theory says that there are 10 or 11 dimensions. Keep looking for them. How could there be so many dimensions? It is strange as to how human theory can see what the humans cannot. Moreover, it is being speculated that fish can experience just two dimensions. Neither humans nor the fish can do anything about it. They are simply machines and are experiencing exactly what they have been programmed to experience.

There are as many worlds as there are number of beings experiencing it. The world I experience is not the world the reader must be experiencing. For example, take the case of dressing up in front of a mirror. If your tie is not straight in the mirror, you would straighten it in your world and it would automatically straighten up in the mirror’s world. However, just imagine trying to straighten it in the mirror’s world without adjusting anything in your world. The external is simply your mirror image!

You must have seen people changing job after job, sometimes even their profession in the hope that this time it might click. But nothing changes. Nothing changes because you cannot change anything in the mirror. The change should be brought about within the person starving for a change. The day change takes place in that manner, eureka! The traits you see in the others are actually not theirs, but yours because the only thing that exists is you and not others. Think about it, my dear friends, thinkkkkkkkk….

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