Today, youth is becoming more showy.

They are always trying to show off to their friends. They bring their  heavily-costly mobile-phones, jewellery, big car, IPod’s e.t.c and wear costly clothes in college.

They try to show off their friends that they are very rich, and think that by this way they will get more& more respect and attention & become leader of their friends. They want to be a craze among people, that is why they do all these things.

Friends of such a person will stick to him to get money and such advantages. They will know his weakness and take full advantage of the fact that all he wants is to be  crowded with “friends”. By knowing this weakness, some friends go to such an extent that they start threatening him, if he refuses to give them money or other material things .

Today’s youth must understand that a person is known by his ability to do something, his skills and knowledge  & he can get respect from his friends through these qualities, and not by money. If a friend is with him due to his money, he is not actually his friend.

Youth should understand that the only thing that make them known , be respected among people is only Simple living & high thinking, not the show of money.


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