“Remember not getting what you want is , sometimes, a wonderful stroke of luck!”

-Dalai Lama

The little girl happily delved into the delicious Aaloo-ka-Parantha with melting butter garnished upon it , savouring each and every bite.

Her grandfather watched her in some innocent fascination. The weather was exceptionally pleasant that day and meeting his granddaughter after a long time, bubbles of happiness arose inside him and he was all prepared to pamper her all day long.

“Come on Runa, fast! We’ll miss it!” cried her parents. But Runa wouldn’t listen, she was taking in as much as she could of the paranthas and of her grandfather’s little exciting tales.

Another Rickshaw came and it was hurriedly filled and hurriedly it passed by.  Now Runa’s mom was really annoyed. “We could have been in that one…we are surely going to miss the view today..” She eyed Runa squarely.

“What has happened to you today, little girl?” cried her father “you eat like there’s an emergency breaking-in at home! And see now… ”

But thankfully Runa finished her meal at last and they were able to catch the next Rickshaw. As they went along the hilly road, they saw some crowd ahead.

They went ahead and stopped. The Rickshaw that had left just before them had crashed and fell down the side of the rocky hill.

Sometimes we are so desperate to get our immediate wishes  fulfilled that we forget our dear creator might have better and prudent plans.

😀 😀

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