ContestLife is iridescent. It’s different to each one of us. It’s a moon always in an eclipse bound with a corona of dogma,a packet full of miseries and frustrations ,we all face it and know it. When  heart breaks; sometimes it turns into a silence, an unexpressed silence, an unexposed silence disguised to a faint formal smile on your lips and a burning pain beneath the skin.

But how long?

When you cry alone, the pain beneath the skin of your heart turns into a husky sound you can’t stop from breaking the silence. You croon thinking about the happy moments, wishing if it could be the way it was. The pain buried in your heart turns your eyes bloodshot. You are in the backwater of your life. In the end, you go backtrack, say to yourself with the bloodshot eyes, “All right”. “I was mistaken, I got deceived…”

Silence gets a new dimension. The way to express its incoherence. When loneliness makes you talk to yourself, the silence corrodes and you start loving solitude letting your hair down again.

For you trust becomes the most unpredictable word of your life, you start disbelieving in that word and you see life as excrescent.

Life is not level -headed. Feelings are the colors on the palette to create expressionism or cubism of life to paint your canvas imbued with the chasm of the broken heart.. It aches as your heart’s broken pieces tries hard to forget a name .You know time will heal but the life seems like a defeated waterloo. You get addicted to lick your wounds, think of life as a crumpled up paper.  Keep hope in your heart alive, have faith but don’t always expect.Expection fails before destiny .If something is destined to be that way it fails before expectation .Your heart shattered with  maximum momentum feels the pain’s still there ,that ache, it can’t be cured. Do you have a cure for the pain of getting hurt for the long gone beautiful memories…?Like   that song(spacebound) of EMINEM ,you sing too, “ I’m a space bound rocket ship in the hearts of the moon, and I’m aiming right at you…” Happiness becomes a shooting star. Your blood from heart comes down your cheeks .Sadly amazing!

Who am “I” to say you this piece of coherence of your heart’s incoherent pain. The red blood of your heart transformed to the resonance structure to minimize the density of your pain beneath the skin of your heart.

People admire those who rise from the ashes. It’s very conflicting when you’re fighting within yourself. Conquer the toughest war .Let me win…Let me rise.

Me: your HEART from the ashes. Failures have made me strong.

A broken heart stills feels the backwash of pain but today I am rising again from the ashes.YEAH!  I am your heart, trust me, I’m strong again today to squash any pain like a bug.

Sukanya Das

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