Memories are sometimes supposed to fade and all this while she’d been wishing for the same.

Ever heard of an entire field filled up with pretty white lilies. She was walking through it. The wind was blowing gently causing a few strands of her hair to cover her face and her fingers to push them away. She was pushing through the long strands of bright green grass and it was though the clouds were murmuring something very sweet in her ears. She embraced the gentle wind with her arms and could hear the happy tunes of the birds whistling up above in the sky.. She was feeling.. so happy, so free…

None of her friends or family had to be there.

It just didn’t seem to be fair.

NOBODY was supposed to be in that position she was in right then.

Because it just was NOT fair.

Anisha could hardly contain her excitement as she furiously dialed Ira’s number and after recalling a few wrong numbers she eventually calmed herself and concentrated on dialing correctly.

Iraaaaaaa!” she squealed as soon as the phone was picked up.

You’ll never guess what”..

Ira got very confused while she tried with all her strength to make some sense out of the rambling Anisha.. “STOP!” shouted Ira, much to Anisha’s surprise , “I cannot understand a single word that you are saying so please… slow down .. take a deep breath and start from the very beginning, and if you can-I’d prefer words from the English language.

And Anisha excitedly summed up everything in just four words, “I am in love.

Twas all very new for Anisha, the initial rush, the uncertainty of her feelings and happenings. Her constantly wet black eyes-screamed for love. It seemed like suddenly someone had fit a multitude of lights in her life.

what is loveIt had been exactly three days and she had not been able to push his thought out of her mind. She just could not think about anything else. Every time her cellphone beeped, she wished it was him. Maybe because no other emotion is as overpowering. But then again.. Love has no reason , if it does-it’s not love. Profound!

Everything for her had ceased to exist. She felt her heart skip a beat every time she saw “him” and thankfully she used to remind herself to keep breathing. As he used to walk towards her , it seemed an era passed.. the wait.. killed her.

I , her best friend , had never ever seen her so happy. That day, when we met , she did not have much time in her hand and the only thing we talked about was “him”. She was in love and her joy knew no bounds.

Life is beautiful, indeed. It was until two weeks passed by and the third week brought with it lots of pain for her to bear. She still had faith in “him”. She had “him” beside herself , or so she thought. (wishful thinking)…. Oh NO!!! I was lying to myself. Every single day I saw her after it all started , I saw her go through pain. Little by little , I saw her die within. Though figuratively , but I wished she did not go through the excruciating pain that she was undergoing EVERYDAY!

lost loveShe had started living in denial.. His lies .. they did not seem to Stop!

Suddenly.. the sky had darkened as the sun disappeared behind a grey cloud. The wind around her made the petals of the white lilies race wildly. The wind chilled and the ground was replaced with sharp stones that cut her feet with every step that she took.

The birds stopped singing. Something was wrong..She quickened her pace and started racing over those sharp stones. She could not take it anymore – collapsed to her knees and let out a scream , of pain.. She was dying from within .. slowly .. very slowly…

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