Dearest Adam,

The power of beauty: what must the world be like for ugly women? She had some girl friends who no one ever noticed at parties or who men were never interested in. incredible thought it might seem , these girls placed far greater value on little love they received, suffered in silence when they were rejected and tried to face the future by looking for other things beyond getting all dressed up for someone else. They were more independent, took more interest in themselves, although, for Maria’s imagination, the world for them must seem unbearable.
By -Paulo Coelho, “The eleven minutes”

I never asked for loyalty but you needed from me and I never had any problem with that. Adam, you decided whether I was pretty enough to be adorable from you and if was not I was thrown away in the society like a bitch to be a meal for those Adams who could not get pretty one because of their status.

I could do and have done better than you, Adam, ask yourself. I am the one who bore your anger I am the one in whose lap you were caressed, I am the one who satisfied you and never cared for my satisfaction and sometimes couldn’t know what it is. And, in reply I got slangs from you, beatings and nothing but tears. I opened the Brothel and worked as sex worker but not for my physical needs but for bread. Yes, I had to make it salable to fulfill your needs and mine, of course. I know I am not pretty and you deserve more than what I have. I have a flat breast and this and that and ugly face ,I know and I am able to hear this from you directly, you don’t have to say that in your friends behind me or make comment on me. And if I am so unbearable for you and you can’t give me any place in your heart why do you play with my body in buses and crowds. Do you feel like a man in doing that, is your manly-hood is defined by that.

But no Adam you have also loved me. You have also caressed my hair and wiped away my tears in solace. And I am obliged to you and more than that I love you and I will love you always.

Yours ugly,

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